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I am a life coach committed to people having lives they love.  Through intuition, listening, and strategic questions, I support my clients in identifying what matters most to them, partner with them to create projects to get them there, and support them enjoying the journey as they move towards a future they didn’t think was truly possible before.

The question for you might be, “How good can you stand it?” What has you looking for a coach? Where is your life fabulous? Where does it feel off track? If you looked deep into your heart, what do you REALLY want in this lifetime? What is in the way?

What does a coach do?

We’ve all been there.  We make the commitment to get fit.  We get the gym membership and maybe even some new clothes and shoes.  Then it happens.  The alarm goes off and that little voice starts… we can just skip today.  We all know if you’ve shelled out $150 to hire a trainer that little voice is likely beat out by the voice that says, “laying here isn’t worth what I paid my trainer.  They are waiting for me and I’m going.”

What does a life coach do, you’ve wondered?  Well essentially we are your trainer for life.  You don’t hire a trainer because you need the magic recipe.  You know that exercise plus healthy food equals a healthy body.  You hire a trainer because you know that having a partner significantly increases your changes of getting and staying fit.  Life coaches do that same thing for all areas of you life.  Whether you finally want to land that CEO role, want to move to the career of your dreams, or want to find the love of your life, a coach is there to be your partner along the way.

Simply stated, you don’t have to do it alone!

 If you are interested in learning more about coaching with me, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary sample coaching session for you to see for yourself what is possible. Please send me an email to set up a time. I look forward to being your partner in creating the life of your dreams!