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Gratitude for Breakfast


Most people start their day on auto pilot.  Before they even know it they’ve reached for the remote to the TV, the computer to sign on, or the radio.  Within minutes the negative thoughts about traffic, war, politics, or the weather become automatic.  Without even taking time to check in and see what is going on internally, the external stimulus takes over before breakfast.

What if you started your day a different way?  What if, just for today  you start with reaching for a pen and paper and writing down what you are grateful for?  Even just for 5 minutes.  Get quiet.  Listen.  Ask your heart.  Write.

Today when I woke up I was thinking about what I am grateful for and some of my staples showed up like the warmth of the sun and knowing it will soon be shining.  And then I started thinking about my limbs.  I have them all.  They all function perfectly.  My arms and my legs give me so many things each day that bring me pleasure.  I can drive to the beach for a walk or to surf.  I can pet my cat.  I can feed myself.  I have so much gratitude for my limbs!

5 minutes for 10 days.  Try it and see what shifts.  How is your mood different?  How is what you notice shifting?  Are the people around you suddenly getting more friendly, more good looking, and more open hearted?

It could be.  It could also be everything looks different depending on our view.  How will your view of your life, your family, or our planet shift when you look through the lens of gratitude?  Go ahead and try it.  I dare you.

And for you go getters, what if you share what you are grateful for at work, over dinner, or even here on the blog.  Share the challenge of 5 minutes for 10 days with people in your life.  Then sit back and just notice.  Notice what shifts.

Author: Laura Murphy

Laura is an intuitive coach who partners with clients to merge possibility and action to produce breakthrough results. She has experience in business, leadership development, management, energy healing, health and wellness, and coaching others to produce once and for all shifts in their lives. Laura loves working with people who are looking to have a transformation in their life.


  1. I love this; I’m starting it now :) Very cool, Laura!

  2. I love this; I am starting it now :) very cool, Laura!

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