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The Power of Intention


Goal setting shirt from 2008

I remember the butterflies back in November 2008 as I thought about what goal I wanted to write on a shirt I would wear for the next month for my new job with lululemon athletica.  There were so many things I wanted at the time- to purchase my first home, do a triathlon, and then this dream I had about my career.   People would literally see this written across my chest, so I wanted to choose carefully.

I asked my heart what it wanted me to write and I went for it.  I WILL BE A LIFE COACH BY JUNE 2012.  Goal declared with no plan, just a clear intention back in 2008.  I had no idea how I would fulfill on that dream, and yet I knew there was power in setting a clear intention.

I had forgotten all about that shirt and since I’m a packrat, I found it 3 years later when I was cleaning out my closet.  When I pulled it out I was several months into an elite year-long coach training program with a graduation date of June 2012 planned.  I had forgotten about the shirt, but not my vision.

This weekend I took my final exams; two observed coaching sessions and a written final exam.  Test taking makes me nervous.  It always has, especially when there is a lot at stake.  If you are anything like me, with perfectionist leanings, there is ALWAYS a lot at stake.  I sat down with my observer, one of the most powerful coaches I know, and a woman I highly respect and admire.  The butterflies were manic.  After a few minutes everything else disappeared into the background and it was just me and my client.  It wasn’t about the goal or passing.  It wasn’t about the shirt.  I forgot about the test and for an hour, it was just about being with her.  I’m delighted to say I did in fact pass both exams with, as my mother would say, flying colors.

Now it’s days away from June and not only am I a life coach as my profession, but I also just passed my exams to be a certified coach thorough the International Coaches Federation- a distinction that a small percentage of coaches on our planet hold.

Back in November 2008 I couldn’t see the how, I just knew what I wanted.  While I’ve been a life coach for some time now, the distinction of ACC will be added to my name in June as well as my official graduation from Accomplishment Coaching.  Turns out goal setting works!

I double dog dare you to look into your heart and ask, “What do I most want?”   Then, take that leap of faith and share it here with me, share it on Facebook, share it anywhere.  Just share it.  My experience has been that magic is created when you take the leap of faith and trust you will be caught or simply grow wings.  I’ll have to post a picture of me and my wings next month.  For now I’ll just enjoy the flight.

Author: Laura Murphy

Laura is an intuitive coach who partners with clients to merge possibility and action to produce breakthrough results. She has experience in business, leadership development, management, energy healing, health and wellness, and coaching others to produce once and for all shifts in their lives. Laura loves working with people who are looking to have a transformation in their life.


  1. Hi Ms. Murphy………I just wanted to tell you how PROUD of you I am and what an inspiration you are to so many. Congratulations for conquering the “tests” and passing with flying colors.

    Sending you a big heartfelt hug and an “ada girl”. Love to you my dear.

    Tami xoxox

  2. I love it!!

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