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A New Dawn


It’s funny how little things can totally shift our view.  This morning I had the pleasure of watching the sky go from dark night to bright light.

It was a dawn where I didn’t see any stars.  I never thought- oh no, all the stars must have burned up in the night.  I just simply accept the stars aren’t visible to my eye right now.

Then as the sky began to brighten there were these beautiful pink clouds.  I asked my husband what he thought they meant and he said, “love.”  That is so why I married him!

As the pink began to expand and transform I began to think more and more about what I saw.  What I saw was hope.  I never doubt the sun will rise.  Never.  It doesn’t matter how dark the night, how cold, how bleak it may seem.  I never doubt it.  The pink was an indicator it was coming.

As the sun began to light the clouds, the colors transformed and expanded.  It was gorgeous.  As I watched this light show unfold, I looked at all the places in my life where I see pink light, but not the actual sun, yet.  What would happen if I approached them with the same faith as the sun?

I think about all the people I love and the things they most want- financial freedom, a family, a healthy and fit body, a joyous relationship.  It’s so easy for me to stand in complete possibility for THEM with 100% faith.  I know the sun is coming.

I got a message from my guides in meditation this week and it was the same message in a different package.  They gave me the visual of a garden and the strong roots expanding and getting nourished.  Tons of movement, tons of growth, tons of hope inside the soil.  Above the ground what we all see is nothing.  No sprouts.  No fruit.  No trees.  Nothing.  Ok, maybe a few little sprouts, but they are so small that one could assume they are  weeds…  They reminded me of all the necessary change, growth, and transition that needs to happen to have a solid foundation.  This work isn’t visible to the eye that is simply looking at the surface.  You have to be willing to look with your hope and faith glasses on.

Sunrise 1/5/12

So here is the same message two times in the same week.  Stand in faith.  The same way I can plant a seed and trust that plant will show up eventually.  Plant the seeds of desire and be patient.  Tend the garden. When it comes to the fruition of the garden of my soul, I want it NOW.  Watch the clouds change.  Trust the sun is coming.  Trust the fruit will be plentiful.  Trust a rabbit didn’t eat the seeds.  Trust.  Stand in childlike wonder and watch the sun rise and watch the garden grow.

Today, I stand in faith for all of our gardens.  The sun is coming.

Author: Laura Murphy

Laura is an intuitive coach who partners with clients to merge possibility and action to produce breakthrough results. She has experience in business, leadership development, management, energy healing, health and wellness, and coaching others to produce once and for all shifts in their lives. Laura loves working with people who are looking to have a transformation in their life.


  1. Beautiful analogy Laura! I LOVE your stories! Thank you for sharing your brilliance!

  2. You are at your most healing when your brilliance is unleashed.

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