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Trusting the Path


Life often brings twists and turns and sometimes it may seem we are very far from where we actually want to be. Yesterday I received the gift of walking a labyrinth on the sand at Beacon’s beach.

It’s been several years since I’ve been in a labyrinth and I noticed how different the experience was this time. The first time I was in my very young 20’s and in an intense period of awakening and transition and my mind was LOUD. “Why are we moving farther from the center? Oh no, someone else just got there ahead of us. What if we bump into someone? Should I move? What if I lose my spot? Oh no, we’re getting farther and farther away… Will we ever get there?”

My mind was so busy chattering that there was very little sense of relaxation and ease and for sure nothing that seemed like my interpretation of meditation!

Yesterday, however, was quite a different experience. Some beautiful man had created the labyrinth using a special rake on the sand. I had a friend in the bay area who created a labyrinth on his land and I know it was no small feat. What are the odds this man can actually create a labyrinth that will lead me to the center?

It was a beautiful day and not a single person was walking the labyrinth. This beautiful gift left for us, so my husband and I started in. This time was different. More quiet. More ease. More calm. Noticing how odd it is to be so close to something you desire, knowing you really have a way to go. Then feeling how strange it is to suddenly have it seem you are so far even though you know you are getting closer.

As I continued to walk, the parallels of life were not lost on me. How many of us, just at the brink of the center, the opening, the success, give up because we can’t see clearly how it will work? How many of us give up when we begin and don’t hit the center right away? How many give up after the second twist or turn that seemingly is getting us further away from our intended goal or target? What about those patient souls who just keep putting one foot in front other and stay in faith. Some may say they are dreamers. Some say they are crazy. Some say they are the winners.

In the world of the labyrinths, staying in action and trusting the crazy windy road does in fact always seem to land you to the center of your intention. What would our lives be like if we each stayed in action, stayed in faith, and trusted the winding road is leading us directly where we want to be? Imagine that!

So for today, I choose to trust the twists and the turns and stay connected to my higher self that reminds me, it’s all part of the path. Stay in action. Stay in faith. Leave the results to me.

Then, just when I thought this might be as good as it gets, my husband spots a rainbow in the sky. No rain in sight. Not it’s usual bow shape, but a bright, vivid rainbow. Some may say it was simply a refraction of light. To us it was a reminder we are on the right path.

Author: Laura Murphy

Laura is an intuitive coach who partners with clients to merge possibility and action to produce breakthrough results. She has experience in business, leadership development, management, energy healing, health and wellness, and coaching others to produce once and for all shifts in their lives. Laura loves working with people who are looking to have a transformation in their life.


  1. Hi Laura! I read this on Monday and was so encouraged by what you wrote. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and have been meaning to thank you for posting. You … are making a difference in people’s lives just by being ♥

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