Laura Murphy Coaching

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Laura Murphy, an intuitive life coach and energy worker, supports people in identifying and fulfilling on their unique life purpose and desires with breakthrough results. Where would you like a breakthrough in your life?

She uses her intuitive gifts to support her clients in identifying and moving beyond roadblocks they may not have even known where there. She is committed to people having lives they love!  Laura attended one of the premier ICF certified programs in the United States, Accomplishment Coaching.

What is an ontological coach?

An ontological coach is a slightly different breed than other coaches.  They approach things from a whole being perspective.  So you want a book deal?  An ontological coach is going to look at more than whether you met your action plan for the week.  Were you resigned and cynical, afraid and paralyzed, joyous and free, or detached and indifferent?  They will partner with you to create once and for all shifts in who you are BEING as you move towards your goals.