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Laura is a warm and bright soul, a sincere listener, and has the ability to inspire me to channel my positive energy into building a new future.

Working with Laura has allowed me to progress farther in two months than I did in ten years of traditional therapy. She is not only able to expose the root of the issue, but is also able to remain forward looking, allowing me to engrain new habits that will produce the long term results I am seeking.

While traditional therapy showed me why I might do things or react a certain way, with Laura I am not only able to see it, but change it. And that is empowering. (And honestly — what we all want.) No one enters therapy to rehash the painful traumas of the past, but to build a new future. That’s what I’m now doing. I am so grateful to Laura for the inspiration and guidance she provides me every week!
-Kristen K., Attorney

As my coach, Laura has an incredibly intuitive approach that reaches far beyond her formal training. Her ability to effectively listen and help sort through my own undeveloped, conceptual, and often hazy thoughts, ideas, and feelings to strike at the heart of any issue was groundbreaking. Tailoring each session to uniquely fit my desires and goals, she helped me step towards achievement through concise feedback and encouragement and by co-creating feasible yet challenging action plans!

She inspires overall excitement about any and all goals you may have for your life, big or small, and will help to shift your focus from survival to truly living from your heart! Laura brought awareness to and helped me overcome many repetitively unproductive and negative thought patterns that adversely affected the way in which I often viewed the world and the people in it. Through my coaching experience with Laura I now understand that one the greatest obstacle to my own happiness and success in the past had been…my own mind.
-Caleb J., Designer

The session was filled with powerful and meaningful information as well as opened windows of new ideas for me… Laura was incredible, leading
all of us deeper into ourselves and our dreams and inspiring me (and I
believe others as well) to get on with what is important and close to our
-Tami F. (workshop participant)

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